Attorney Ted McNabola Writes for Healthy Cells® Magazine on the Danger of Keyless Ignitions & Carbon Monoxide Deaths

Our firm, McNabola & Associates, LLC, is thrilled to announce our very own Attorney Ted McNabola recently wrote an incredibly informative article for Healthy Cells® Magazine, titled “Silent Killer: Keyless Ignitions Lead to Carbon Monoxide Deaths.” This article discusses the severe danger posted by keyless ignition vehicles, which result in the wrongful deaths of consumers each year. In an effort to bring these tragedies to light, Attorney McNabola highlights the details of the deaths of Rina and Pasquale Fontanini.

Rina and Pasquale died as they slept as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning. They left their 2013 Lincoln MKS running overnight, and the fumes pervaded their home from their garage. Due to the fact that their vehicle is not equipped with an automatic shut-off feature, the two were unaware their car was silently idling throughout the night. Because Ford, as well as other various auto manufacturers only installed automatic engine shut-offs in select keyless ignition models, this failure to protect is rapidly becoming an issue of concern.

Attorney McNabola emphasizes just how hazardous it is that these vehicles continue to pose such risks to various consumers. He writes, “The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration proposed new rules back in 2011 that would have required cars to make a loud, telltale sound if someone exited while the engine was running, but the efforts were opposed by auto manufacturers, and no new rules were created. The NHTSA also launched an investigation into the dangers of keyless ignitions in 2014. At present, no national standards exist, so each auto company has their own guidelines.”

To read Attorney McNabola’s entire article, click here.

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