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Electric scooters, or “e-scooters” for short, are the latest ridesharing transportation craze in cities across the country. However, due to the potential dangers of riding an e-scooter without proper training or safety equipment, e-scooter accidents are rising alongside the ridesharing option’s popularity.

McNabola & Associates, LLC offers comprehensive legal services to people who were hurt riding an e-scooter in Chicago. Our law firm has a long history of success managing claims related to product liability laws, pedestrian accidents, rideshare accidents, and class actions, all of which can factor into an e-scooter accident case.

Chicago has allowed several e-scooter companies to operate within the city, including:

  • Bird
  • Lime
  • Spin
  • Wheels
  • Bolt
  • And more

Call (312) 888-8700 if you were hurt while riding a rented e-scooter from any of these companies.

E-Scooter Companies Should Be Liable for Your Damages

After crashing on an e-scooter and suffering serious injuries, your instincts might tell you that you caused your accident and, therefore, no one else could be to blame. However, with an inspection of your crash and the events that led up to it, we think you will see that the company that rented you the e-scooter could be partially or completely liable for your injuries.

How e-scooter rental companies become liable for rider crashes:

  • No training: You can rent most e-scooters within a minute of downloading the associated mobile phone app. There are no mandatory scooter riding safety training courses to complete before you are allowed to rent an e-scooter. An e-scooter is technically a motorized vehicle, so this system is similar to letting someone drive without any training or license.
  • No helmet: E-scooter rental apps will encourage you to wear a helmet before riding, but no helmet is available for rental nor are enforcement rules enforced. Anyone can rent an e-scooter with no training, hop on without a helmet, take off, and put themselves unknowingly into serious danger. There has been talk of requiring a user to send a timestamped photograph of themselves wearing a helmet before an e-scooter is unlocked for use, but it seems unlikely that any of these companies will implement this added safety step any time soon.
  • No warning: Some e-scooters can travel faster than 20 miles per hour on flat ground. They will go even faster when traveling downhill. Yet it is common for e-scooter riders to be informed that their scooter will travel as fast as an athletic jog. Without being fairly warned of how fast e-scooters can operate – and how increased speed equals increased danger – riders are put at an unfair risk of injury.
  • No maintenance: After many e-scooter accidents, injured riders will complain that the e-scooter itself caused their accident due to malfunction caused by inadequate part maintenance. Specifically, wheels, brakes, and handlebars of e-scooters need regular inspection and upkeep to ensure the e-scooter is safe to ride. When renting an e-scooter, there is no assurance that it has been maintained recently or at all.

Calculating Damages Well into the Future

When we are working on your Chicago e-scooter accident claim, we will do all we can to ensure you are compensated fairly for your damages. Insurance companies think that paying for some of your medical bills is “fair.” We know better than to jump on a lowball settlement offer. Your damages include not only what you have experienced already but also include what you will continue to endure into the future.

For example, if you break multiple bones in an e-scooter accident, then you could experience pain and debilitation for years. Physical therapy each month might be able to mitigate the pain and restore your range of motion to an extent. You should not have to pay for years of physical therapy if it was caused by the e-scooter company. Instead, the predicted costs of future care and future lost wages should be included in the damages pursued in your injury claim.

Call (312) 888-8700 If You’ve Been in an E-Scooter Crash

McNabola & Associates, LLC in Chicago can represent anyone who has been hurt in an e-scooter accident. While most of these cases are brought by e-scooter riders, we can also accept cases from pedestrians who have been hit by people on e-scooters. Using our decades of collective legal experience, we can find the best way to navigate your case, bring a claim against all liable parties, and fight for every cent of compensation you deserve.

To find out more about our law firm and services, you can browse our recent case results or contact us online.

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  • “Ted McNabola is an amazing attorney! He handled my mom’s case after she was hit by a car as a pedestrian. The difference between Ted and other attorneys is that he never gave up! It was a long process ...”

    - Kat J.
  • “I had the pleasure of working with Ted McNabola after a serious car accident that left me with a brain injury. From the first time we met, I knew I was in good hands. Ted was kind, patient, and ...”

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