First Place Patient Safety Innovation Award Given to RightBio Metrics, Inc. for the RightSpot®

Our very own Ted McNabola is one of the original investors for RightBio Metrics Inc., a company that supplies gastric acidity measurement technology and fluid measurement tools for doctors in order to reduce the occurrence of misplaced NG and OG tubes, which frequently results in severe injury and death. Attorney McNabola partnered with Drs. Robert Gilbert and Paul J. Gilbert to start RightBio Metrics, Inc. after representing a woman whose husband was killed when a nurse inserted an NG tube into his lungs instead of his stomach.

RightBio Metrics, Inc. recently won a First Place Patient Safety Innovation Award for its pH indicator, the RightSpot®. The RightSpot® is a small, point-of-care diagnostic test created by RightBio Metrics, Inc. to measure gastric acidity to assist with proper tube placement when performing a procedure on a patient. It is the only product of its kind that has been officially cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for determining gastric acidity for tubes intended to end in the stomach. Misplaced NG\OG tubes are one of five global patient safety intiatives in 2018.

How RightSpot® Increases Patient Safety

Improper tube placement during surgeries and other procedures can (and often does) lead to serious physical harm and death. The most recent reports show that more than 12.5 million tubes are placed annually and some published studies report that 21-56% of those are misplaced due in part to the limited and largely ineffective technology available. Now, with appropriate technology available, the likelihood of patient injuries and death when undergoing tube insertion can be significantly reduced, as can the time spent verifying appropriate tube placement.

The Patient Safety Movement Foundation selected RightBio Metrics, Inc. for the award. The foundation was created in order to help reduce the occurrence of preventable deaths and is supported in large part by the Masimo Foundation for Ethics, Innovation, and Competition in Healthcare.

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What to Do When Injured by a Tube Misplacement

If you have been harmed in a medical procedure due to tube misplacement, you are likely in for large medical expenses and significant personal suffering as a result. In order to cover the costs of your medical expenses or of a loved one’s funeral following a deadly tube misplacement, it may be necessary to take legal action against the medical professional, hospital, or the manufacturer of the gastric acidity measurement technology used during your procedure.

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