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5 Instances of Preventable Motorcycle Accidents


Motorcyclists are especially vulnerable to serious injuries because of the lack of physical protection around them. Unfortunately, many motorcycle accidents occur each year that result in significant physical injuries and even death., The Insurance Information Institute reports that from 2015 to 2016, motorcycle accidents increased nationwide by 5 percent.

Many motorcycle accidents could have been prevented with the exercise of reasonable care. If you are the victim of a motorcycle accident, make sure you get the help of an experienced personal injury attorney. Here are 5 instances of preventable motorcycle accidents that you can look out for.

1. Inattentive or Distracted Driving

Some motorcycle accidents are the result of inattentive driving, either by the motorcyclist or another driver. In an increasingly digital world, drivers are often tempted to use their cell phones while driving.

Despite laws in Illinois that make using a phone while driving illegal, motorists often still use their cell phones to talk, text, browse social media, and take pictures. When an accident is caused as a result of distracted driving, there may be significant legal consequences for the at-fault driver.

2. Blind Spots and Lane Changes

Because motorcycles are much small than automobiles, they often go unnoticed by other drivers. If a motorcyclist is in a driver's blind spot, then the other driver may change lanes or turn into the motorcyclist.

These types of accidents happen while the motorcycle is in operation, which contributes to an increased risk of physical injury. Drivers need to be mindful of motorcyclists on the roadway and be certain that no one is in their blind spot before switching lanes.

Motorcyclists, remember that if you can’t see a driver’s face in their side mirror, they probably can’t see you either. Either speed up or slow down to get out of their blind spot.

3. Vehicle Maintenance

Accidents can often be prevented through proper vehicle maintenance. Today's cars, trucks, and motorcycles are equipped with a variety of tools that help ensure the safety of the driver and others on the road.

However, these tools have little use if they are not properly maintained. Some examples include lights, turn signals, horns, and vehicle detection warning systems. It is essential to keep these tools maintained and working, to ensure they keep you safe.

Making sure your turn signals are working is essential, as these are the most helpful tools to communicate to other drivers and riders where your vehicle is going to go next.

4. Failure to Yield

Some motorcycle accidents result when a driver fails to yield to oncoming traffic. This situation frequently arises when a vehicle is making a left-hand turn and is supposed to yield. Motorcycles have a narrow profile, and sometimes inattentive drivers so not see these vehicles coming their way.

The driver will then turn inadvertently in front of oncoming traffic as the motorcycle is going straight, causing the motorcycle to be hit from the side which often results in serious injury or death.

5. Not Leaving Enough Space Between Vehicles

Some drivers do not provide sufficient space between their vehicle and the vehicle directly in front of them. This increases the risk of a rear-end collision.

Because some drivers can become impatient or are in a hurry to get to their destination, these types of accidents are all too common. A rear end collision where a motorcycle is struck from behind can be devastating and cause permanent injuries.

What Should You Do If You’re Injured in a Motorcycle Accident?

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, then you may have a right to recover money damages to compensate you for your injuries. After an accident, here are a few tips of things you should do:

  • Contact law enforcement and have them investigate and document the accident
  • Seek out immediate medical treatment for your injuries
  • Document anything related to the accidents (e.g., take photographs, obtain witness statements, keep a journal, etc)
  • Do not accept a settlement offer until you have consulted with an attorney
  • Contact a motorcycle accident lawyer

What Can an Attorney Do?

A Chicago motorcycle accident attorney can help victims of accidents understand their rights. An attorney can provide legal advice that is specific to your situation. By following the legal advice of an attorney, you will increase your chances of successfully receiving a settlement to compensate you for your injuries.

Your attorney will act as your legal representative and negotiate with insurance adjusters to recover funds that will compensate you for your medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and a variety of other injuries that you may have experienced. An attorney will help you understand how the law applies to your situation, which will allow you to make informed decisions.

If a case cannot be settled with the insurance adjuster for a fair amount, then an attorney can file a lawsuit on your behalf to receive a money judgment. The attorneys at McNabola & Associates have over 60 years of experience representing injury victims. We will be your advocates for a fair and just result.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a motorcycle accident, contact us today at (312) 888-8700 to schedule a consultation appointment.