The Most Important Advice from a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Common Mistakes of Motorcycle Accident Injury Victims


Being involved in a motorcycle accident can leave you feeling overwhelmed, with devastating injuries and extensive medical bills. Often, individuals may not know the necessary steps to take after an accident and throughout the claim process-- It is essential for motorcycle accident injury victims to be aware of their rights when pursuing compensation.


Our team provides essential advice for rider's who have sustained injuries from a motorcycle collision; navigating the legal process by filing a motorcycle accident claim. Here's what you need to know to safeguard your rights to maximum compensation:

Failure to Seek Medical Attention


The injured party needs to seek medical care after the accident; if it is delayed, the medical condition could severely worsen, leading to a catastrophic or a fatal medical emergency. Many injuries appear days, weeks, or even months after the incident.


Failure to get immediate medical treatments, even for minor injuries, can result in issues with the insurance company denying your claim. After the collision, It is essential to keep documented records of your medical treatment and costs; this can help assist you in your case when determining the damages.

Admitting Fault


A passenger car or truck is more likely to be at fault than a rider in a motorcycle collision. However, a horrific accident can alter one's perception, and riders can mistakenly admit fault at the scene of the crime. It can be detrimental to your claim if you admit fault at the scene, especially if you do not have all the facts and evidence yet. If this happens, it can threaten your chances of recovering compensation for the damages, and the insurance adjusters can deny or significantly devalue your claim.


To strengthen your motorcycle accident claim, avoid admitting fault or saying statements that can be misconstrued or could be used against you in court.

Giving a Recorded Statement

After the crash, an insurance adjuster may reach out to you to give a recorded statement. You are not legally required to do this, and it can significantly harm your chances of obtaining maximum compensation by diminishing your credibility. To get the results you deserve, it's crucial to consult a skilled biker accident injury attorney first before speaking to a claims adjuster.


If you choose to record a statement after the accident, proceed with caution because your words can be used against you in court. Insurance companies often try to mislead victims by saying they must give a recorded statement; You are under no legal obligation to do so, and it is best to avoid giving one.


Common Misleading Statements from Insurance Companies


Motorcycle accident victims are often in a state of complete shock and devastation following a crash. Their vulnerability can be taken advantage of by insurance companies to agree to an unfair settlement. There are numerous statements insurance companies use to mislead the injured party after a collision:

  • "You must give a recorded statement."

  • "Don't hire an attorney."

  • "You are partially responsible for the accident."

  • "Let's try to settle this as quickly as possible."


Often, insurance adjusters use specific language as a tactic to deceive you during the claim process. Don't be fooled by their misleading statements; hire a knowledgeable attorney that is familiar with the insurance company's practices and can help guide you on your motorcycle accident case.


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