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What to Wear for Maximum Motorcycle Safety

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Head-to-Toe Protection

Almost every motorcycle rider has their fair share of scars from learning how to ride. From cuts and scrapes to fractures and burns, there is always a possibility of sustaining an injury when riding a motorcycle, especially if you’re taking trips on busy highways and interstate roads. However, there are many things that you can do to decrease the risk of injury, and it starts with your clothing choices.

Essential Items for Motorcycle Safety

Every motorcycle rider should be equipped with safety gear from head-to-toe. Here are six essentials that can reduce your risk of injury.


One of the easiest ways to reduce severe injuries during a motorcycle crash is to wear a helmet. There are many different styles to choose from that provide varying layers of protection for the rider. You can learn more about how to choose the right helmet here.

Protective Eyewear

Operating a motorcycle at high speeds has the possibility of causing an eye injury if the rider is not using the right equipment. Bugs, sun, and other debris can easily cause long-term damage, so having some form of protective eyewear while riding is essential (and the law).

Full-face helmets already come with a face shield, but riders who choose to remove it or use another style of helmet should have some form of protective eyewear on hand, whether that be goggles or sunglasses.

Riding Gloves

First-time riders may be shocked by the numbing sensation that a motorcycle can have while riding. To combat this, riders can wear gloves made to absorb the vibrations. Along with this, wearing a pair with padding inside can offer additional protection against severe injury in a crash.

Padded or Leather Jacket

It's not uncommon to see casual riders wearing t-shirts or flannels on the road; however, you are much more protected from crash injuries and the elements when you choose to wear a padded or leather jacket while riding. Jackets made specifically for motorcyclists are often made with more durable material that can stand up to various circumstances, including being scraped across the ground. Likewise, when you have that extra padding on your arms, you may reduce the risk of fractures.

Along with this, many motorcycle jackets are designed to increase a rider's visibility no matter the time of day. This can lessen the probability of being involved in a collision with a driver who cannot see you.

Riding Pants

Unfortunately, the road can easily shred your favorite denim or cloth pants if you fall off your bike. That's why many companies manufacture pants specifically designed to protect a motorcycle rider from the scraping that can come with crashing on pavement. These are often made with kevlar or even a leather material that makes them more durable in many situations.

It’s never recommended to wear shorts when riding a motorcycle, even as a passenger. Doing so makes you much more susceptible to getting burned by the engine or exhaust pipes, which can only increase the severity of your injuries when combined with a crash.

Close-Toed Shoes or Boots

Since your legs are exposed and feet are often low to the ground when riding a motorcycle, wearing appropriate footwear is essential for reducing your risk of injury. Any closed-toe shoe will offer critical protection, but opting for a boot of any kind can reduce your risk of any foot or ankle injury by about 53% and open wound injuries by 73%. Furthermore, armored boots have been shown to reduce open wound injuries by 90%.

How McNabola & Associates, LLC Can Help

There are many risks associated with riding a motorcycle, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't prepare for the worst by choosing to wear the right safety equipment. When you take that extra step to protect yourself, you can greatly decrease the severity of your injuries when involved in a collision.

Our McNabola & Associates, LLC attorneys are dedicated to ensuring the roadways are safer for all motorists by holding negligent parties responsible for the injuries they cause. If you are seeking legal representation following a motorcycle collision that left you injured, call (312) 888-8700 to schedule a free consultation.