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Where Do Most Accidents Occur in Illinois?

Accidents can often be unpredictable, and in the event that you are involved in a crash, it can be a devastating experience. When it comes to safety while driving, Illinois is no stranger to danger. In 2019, there were 312,988 crashes on Illinois roadways. Furthermore, roughly 858 traffic crashes occurred each day, and nearly 3 people died as a result of these crashes.

While the numbers are alarming, you can help ensure your safety by taking a comprehensive look at the most hazardous roads and highways in the state. Our goal is to provide statistical evidence on which roadways are more prone to accidents. We hope that this information will help drivers make more informed decisions while driving, ultimately keeping them safe.

Illinois’ Most Dangerous Roads

There are several highways and interstates that are considered to be the most hazardous to drive on in Illinois; there are also significant contributing factors that lead to these fatal crashes.

Crash data suggests that crashes in Illinois occur more frequently in urban areas.

This is primarily due to the increase in traffic congestion and motorists on the road, coupled with reckless driving behaviors such as speeding, improper lane changes, and other driving errors that may contribute to these severe collisions.

Here are the most hazardous roads to drive on in Illinois:

Interstate 57 (I-57)

Stretching 386 miles, this highway is considered the longest north-to-south interstate in Illinois. According to a study, this interstate is known to be one of Illinois' deadliest highways to drive on. What makes this interstate so dangerous? Due to the widespread construction that stretches along the highway, it poses significant risks. Road maintenance and highway construction can lead to potential road hazards that, when coupled with a distracted driver, can lead to a severe crash.

The highway also has a high rate of fatal accidents, and many of these are caused by speeding and drunk driving. If you're planning on driving on Interstate 57, be sure to drive carefully and obey the speed limit.

Dan Ryan Expressway

This expressway runs through the city of Chicago and is one of the busiest highways in the country. Every day, thousands of cars and trucks use the expressway to travel to and from downtown Chicago.

Heavy traffic and dangerous road conditions can lead to fatal multi-vehicle crashes. This highway is unsafe because there has been an uptick in violence and criminal activity, such as drive-by shootings and carjackings. If you are driving on this expressway, proceed with caution; it is vital to be aware of potential dangers that may be lurking.

Stevenson Expressway / Interstate 55 (I-55)

The Stevenson Expressway, which runs through the city of Chicago, is one of the most dangerous highways in Illinois. The expressway is plagued by accidents, congestion, construction zone dangers, and poor road conditions. If you find yourself driving on this dangerous interstate, it's essential to stay alert and practice defensive driving to avoid a deadly crash.

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