Man riding a motorcycle with a child sitting on the bike behind him.

Is It Safe to Let My Child Ride With Me on My Motorcycle?

Children are naturally curious and often fearless. Once they see your motorcycle, odds are that they will request a ride. Is this safe? Should you say yes? Our team at McNabola & Associates, LLC is here to explain the risks of motorcycle accidents and provide you with tips for how to safely ride with your child.

How Dangerous Are Motorcycles?

Riding a motorcycle is considered to be one of the most dangerous types of transportation. Riders must be properly dressed, highly observant, and follow all rules of the road. Still, even when taking all precautions, motorcyclists are vulnerable to injuries if hit by other cars or vehicles on the road.

In fact, thousands of motorcyclist fatalities occur each year. Motorcyclist fatalities make up a significant percentage of all traffic fatalities, despite motorcycles being less commonly used than cars or trucks.

Motorcycle Safety When Riding with Children

It is legal for children of any age to ride as passengers on motorcycles. While some parents are too hesitant to allow their children to take a joy ride with them, others feel confident that they can safely experience a motorcycle ride with their son or daughter.

If you are planning to take your child out on the road, here are some tips to consider:

  • Make sure they have a properly fitted helmet

  • Purchase high quality protective gear that covers their skin

  • Use a special belt or harness made specifically for child passengers

  • Start by traveling at a slow speed in a light-traffic area

  • Follow speed limits, road signs, and stay alert

If Injuries in a Chicago Motorcycle Accident

The only thing worse than suffering an injury yourself is seeing your loved one or child injured as well. If you were hit by another vehicle while riding your motorcycle with your child, you have the right to seek compensation for your pain and suffering.

Our team at McNabola & Associates, LLC can help you file a personal injury claim and can guide you through your case to a fair settlement. Share the details of the accident with our compassionate team today. Click here to request a case consultation or call us at (312) 888-8700.