McNabola & Associates, LLC Goes Against the City of Chicago and Comes Up Big for Our Client

Jury Returns Veridct for over $9.7 Million in Damages

On April 12, 2021, Clivia Campos experienced a truly harrowing day. When driving on West Grace Street, she was hit by a car. After speaking with the offending driver, Campos was hit a second time—rear-ended by a city garbage truck. These collisions resulted in Campos sustaining multiple injuries, requiring not only medication and rehabilitation, but also surgery.

Campos filed negligence claims against both the first driver as well as the City of Chicago garbage truck driver—who is an employee of the Department of Streets and Sanitation. The City of Chicago initially attempted to settle for an inadequate sum of $600,000.

After evaluating the specifics of the case, our team at McNabola & Associates, LLC decided that taking this to trial was in the best interest of our client. During the trial, attorneys Ted McNabola and Terry Nofsinger showed that the city’s garbage truck driver failed to provide a reasonable duty of care and the negligent acts of both failing to keep a proper lookout and decrease their speed caused the injuries to Clivia Campos. It is important to note that the bodily injuries sustained from the first collision were determined to be indivisible from the injuries suffered by the second. On September 08, 2023, the jury handed down a verdict in favor of Campos, awarding her $9,734,740 in damages.

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