Illinois Workers Compensation and Work Related Accidents Info

Because of an accident at work, you have received a permanent injury. This could affect how well you can perform your normal work activities. If this injury causes you to lose your wages then under your state’s Worker’s Compensation Law, you may deserve some additional payment support.

You should receive an informational letter from your lawyer within 5 days of them hearing about your injury. This will explain what you may or may not be eligible for regarding wage loss benefits.

Unfortunately during that 5 day period you might be ineligible to receive benefits. For you to be eligible for benefits you must prove that you are making an effort to find employment and that the reason you are losing wages is because of your injury, not because there are no jobs or because of the current economic conditions. You will be ineligible if the reason you can’t find a job is because of your misconduct or that you are just unwilling to accept a job you can physically do. Proof consists of a list of dates, names, addresses, and telephone of places you have applied to. You must also include what type of work you are trying for and the person in the company you contacted.

Worker’s Comp laws let lawyers judge your efforts to find work 13 weeks after you have reached your optimal improvement.