How Attorneys Negotiate Personal Injury Settlements in Chicago, IL

If you have been hurt recently in an accident that was not your fault then you might find yourself drowning in attorneys and not knowing who to choose. After the incident, lots of people seek out attorneys to help protect their rights and to help get compensation for their medical bills and lost wages as well as potential suffering.

Medical care might not be required; it depends on the accident. For example, if it’s a vehicular accident, the person who cased it will be the one responsible for the repairs on the victim’s car. Many people hire their attorney very soon after an accident happens even though cases will normally not start until after all the medical care has happened.

After medical care is over, the attorneys and the insurance company will start to discuss compensation. The attorneys will assess a value of the medical bills, the lost wages, damages to property, and an estimate on your pain and suffering. The attorney will submit their estimate to the insurance company for their consideration after getting your approval on it. A response and counteroffer will normally take about 30 days. Now the attorney will discuss the insurance company’s offer with you to see if a reasonable settlement can be reached. If you do not agree with their offer then the attorney will send a letter to the insurance company explaining that their offer is not acceptable and will typically ask for a lower amount. The insurance company is hoping to settle the case for as little money as possible and the attorneys want to try to get as much compensation as you need. Several letters will go back and forth and maybe even some phone calls. When a fair amount has been reached the attorney will often inform you of this. They can’t tell you what to do but they can and will advise you on how fair an offer is and what the offer might be if the case went to trial.

Most personal injury cases are settled out of court because they are quicker and less expensive. When a case goes to trial the attorney and court costs will skyrocket. If your case goes to court your attorney will end up receiving a much larger chunk of your compensation. There are lots of attorneys who deal with personal injury cases and it is very important to find one that is sincere and knowledgeable about the type of case.