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McNabola & Associates, LLC Charitable Contributions & Philosophy

The greatest gifts in life are those that you can share with others. This philosophy has long been held by Attorney Ted McNabola, founding partner of McNabola & Associates, LLC. In addition to being a renowned Chicago personal injury attorney that never backs down when pursuing justice and compensation for the injured, Mr. McNabola has filled his own history with multiple charitable endeavors, all to advance greater good around the globe.

The Damen Society at Loyola University of Chicago

Of particular note, Attorney Ted McNabola is an active member of The Damen Society at Loyola University of Chicago. Following the six Jesuit Values, the Damen Society was founded long ago by Arnold Damen, S.J., at a time when the university was known as St. Ignatius College. By upholding these virtues, following them closely, and encouraging but not pressuring others to follow them as well, the Damen Society has proven to be an organization that prepares and enables people around the world to lead extraordinary and charitable lives.

The six Jesuit Values, paraphrased, are:

1.Always striving for more, or excellence.

2.Giving when able and holding a real concern for the care of the less fortunate.

3.Respecting the rights and interests of each individual.

4.Connecting your heart, mind, and soul together to seek enlightenment.

5.Accepting the religious beliefs and ideals of others.

6.Encouraging critical thinking to better handle questions of ethics.

While the Damen Society engages in a wide number of charitable activities, much of its focus is on providing scholarships to students in need of support. The organization is currently hoping to greatly expand its membership before the 2017 summer. Proceeds from new membership costs, if the goal is met, would be able to provide around 150 scholarships to Loyola University.

Other Community Involvements

Beyond holding membership to the Damen Society and the Board of Governors at Loyola University Chicago School of Law seat, Mr. McNabola has explored other charitable endeavors in his community recently. This includes being a Board Member for the 100 Club of Chicago – a group that provides financial resources and moral support to families that have lost a loved one in the line of duty as a first responder – and being on the Board of Directors for Life After Innocence – a program that connects Loyola Law School students with people who need help with post-exoneration cases. He is also a proud supporter of The Center of Concern – a nonprofit agency dedicated to finding housing solutions for seniors and people living with chronic disabilities.

If you would like to know more about any of these charitable organizations, please follow these links:

To learn more about all we do here at McNabola & Associates, LLC, feel free to contact us at any time. If you need honest, compassionate, and experienced representation for an injury case of your own, let our Chicago personal injury lawyers know by calling and setting up a free consultation. In honor of our dedication to giving, we never charge our clients for our services unless we win a settlement or verdict amount for them.