March Motorcycle Tip: Drowsy Driving is More Dangerous in Rural Areas

The two most dangerous mental and physical states for driving are intoxication by drugs or alcohol and fatigue or drowsiness. While driving under the influence is illegal, drowsy driving is not and sadly far too many people attempt to do so every year, resulting in a number of accidents and serious injuries.

The Similarities of Drowsy & Intoxicated Driving

Both drowsy and intoxicated drivers will exhibit a number of the same symptoms: loss of alertness, increased reaction times, decreased ability to recognize danger, decreased motivation, and slower mental processing. All of these combine to slow reaction times considerably, which makes it far more difficult for a driver to avoid a collision that would have otherwise been preventable. This condition is known as “road hypnosis.”

Drowsy Driving Is More Dangerous in Rural Areas

Contrary to popular belief, you have a higher chance of encountering fatigue or another driver who is drowsy when you are away from the bustle of an urban environment.

Drivers and riders tend to notice their own drowsiness when driving in an urban setting, as running over lane dividers or other honking drivers can cause drivers to regain their attention.

However, with fewer of these attention-grabbing features away from urban roads, it’s easy for drivers to fail to notice their attention waning and drowsy driving habits from kicking in.

The odds of you falling asleep behind the wheel are actually relatively low, contrary to what many people may think based on the number of times they hear about accidents from a driver who did so. If you are riding a motorcycle, the odds are even smaller, since riding requires an increased activity level in general. However, because it does require so much more activity, being inattentive can be even more dangerous.

How to Avoid Drowsy Driving

The easiest way to avoid drowsy driving is to simply stop as soon as possible if you feel that your attention and alertness are waning. If you cannot stop immediately, be sure that you are extremely careful and pay as much attention as possible until you can find a place to stop. This is particularly true if you are driving in a non-urban area, as you will receive far fewer reminders of your drowsiness than you would if you were in the middle of the city.

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