Front tires of three motorcycles

Recap of the Motoblot 2019 Motorcycle Rally

McNabola & Associates, LLC was one of the proud sponsors of last month’s successful Motoblot 2019 motorcycle rally in Chicago. The massive rally took place across three days between June 20 and June 23. In addition to a ride-in-motorcycle and hot rod street show, participants were treated to live performances from bands, burlesque performers, fire breathers and sword swallowers! The rally also boasted competitions, such as a custom bike building contest and a Miss Motoblot 2019 pin-up contest. View the rewind video of last month’s Motoblot 2019 rally here.

What Is Motoblot?

According to the Motoblot website, “blot” originated from the ancient Norse-Pagan word that meant “a gathering with sacrifice.” In that spirit, Motoblot is a motorcycle rally where enthusiasts celebrate motorcycle culture and its music and fashion. The first Motoblot rally was held in Chicago five years ago in 2014. More than just a celebration raised funds for Pits for Patriots; a charitable organization focused on teaming up rescued pit bulls and veterans. 

Proud Sponsor of Motoblot & Motorcycle Safety

At McNabola & Associates, LLC, we proudly sponsor the annual Motoblot rally in Chicago with a deep commitment to motorcycle safety. Attorney Ted McNabola is a motorcycle enthusiast and rider, having represented numerous motorcycle accident victims from Chicago in motorcycle injury cases. We understand both the joy and the risks associated with motorcycle riding. By supporting and promoting motorcycle safety, we can secure the fun and joy of motorcycle riding for enthusiasts in Chicago and across the country.

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