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Do Loud Pipes Save Lives?


The short answer is no, but loud pipes can potentially help save lives. The main reason that loud pipes saves lives is simple: it helps drivers notice when motorcycles are around.

There are many stereotypes associated with motorcycle riders, the types of bikes they ride, and the volume of noise generated by the cycles is part of the mystique. Many motorcycles can indeed be very loud, which tends to shock some drivers on the road.

Many motorcyclists largely claim in defense of their loud pipes that the volume is really about improving their own safety. The typical highway motorist does not always understand this principle, but it simply stems from the fact that the average driver may be aware of other four-wheel vehicles on the road but not always expect a motorcycle within their proximity.

A motorcycle accident attorney, especially one with motorcycle riding experience himself, understands this disconnect between riders and drivers. We’re here to break down whether loud pipes really do help save lives by preventing motorcycle accidents.

Improving Visibility on the Road

One of the top reasons that preventable motorcycle accidents occur is due to inattentive, distracted, and negligent driving. Motorcycles naturally have thin profiles, which also make them harder to see even for drivers who are trying to look out for them. Many times, motorcycles can fall into drivers’ blind spots. Before you know it, a driver is making a lane change without even noticing he or she is about to collide with a motorcyclist.

Loud pipes can help drivers use another sense: their sense of hearing. Motorcycle pipes are typically even louder than radios and other vehicles, so this is just an extra way for drivers to know where or if motorcycles are nearby.

Keeping Safe on the Road

Motorcyclists are exponentially more susceptible to be involved in an accident, as Illinois state records show. In fact, statistics show that motorcyclists are 30 times more likely to be involved in fatal accidents than drivers. Motorcyclists and drivers alike should always obey the laws of the road: it could be a matter of life and death when a motorcycle is involved.

Injured in a Chicago Motorcycle Accident?

Always remember that motorcycle accident cases can be very complicated legal issues that require experienced representation from a personal injury attorney who understands what to expect in terms of what to expect from the defense attorneys.

The attorney you choose matters. In Illinois, always call the legal team at McNabola & Associates LLC for comprehensive and compassionate representation. Our team will work to help you move forward and guide you every step of the way.

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