Improving Visibility on Your Motorcycle

Motorcycles naturally have a thin profile and can be more difficult to spot than normal vehicles. This is a known fact and requires motorists to take extra precautions when on the road.

Unfortunately, some drivers do not take these necessary steps when it comes to sharing the road with motorcycles. Because of this, those on two wheels should take extra precautions themselves to increase their visibility and avoid motorcycle collisions.

Avoid Blind Spots

Drivers should always check their side mirrors, rearview mirrors, and blind spots before making any sort of lane change. However, some drivers fail to check their surroundings and use blinkers, which can result in devastating accidents. Riders, remember that if you can’t see a driver in their side mirror, they probably can’t see you either. If you are in a blind spot, either speed up or slow down so you can get in their range of sight.

Wear Reflective Gear

Sometimes, headlights and taillights are not enough to alert some drivers of your presence on a motorcycle. Reflective gear and reflective tape for your bike go a long way when it comes to improving your visibility on the road. At night, the reflective elements can catch the light and allow drivers around to spot you, even if it’s dark out.

Weave When Coming to a Stop

When coming to a stop, riders can do a slight weave within the lane. The moving flash of your headlights will hopefully alert drivers around of your presence and stop them from potentially making a last-minute lane change into your own lane.

Use Hand Signals

Using hand signals on your bike can alert drivers of your presence as well as let them know what your next move will be. Some essential hand signals include:

  • Right turn: Arm out, bent up at a 90-degree angle with your fist clenched

  • Left turn: Left arm and hand extending out and palm facing down

  • Stop: Arm extended down, palm facing back

  • Turn signal on: Open and close hand with all fingers extended

The sad reality is that even the most defensive riding may not be enough to prevent accidents caused by negligent or distracted drivers. If you or a loved one was injured in a motorcycle accident in the Chicago area, turn to McNabola & Associates for help pursuing your financial recovery.

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