Kids on Halloween, trick or treatin'

Halloween Safety for Drivers, Riders and Pedestrians

It’s almost that time of year when trick-or-treaters fill the streets of Chicago and go door to door for some treats. While many young children, teens, and adults look forward to Halloween, it’s important to consider that accidents increase during this night as well.


To ensure you and others stay safe on the road, here are a few safety tips for drivers and pedestrians alike.

Driving Safety Tips

Control Your Speed

There will be more drivers and pedestrians out during Halloween night. Even though you may be used to going a certain speed on a daily basis, you should be careful to go slow during this time, especially in residential areas or on small roads. Sight can be limited in these areas and, if a pedestrian happens to cross the street ahead of you, you want to have enough time to hit your brakes.

Eliminate Distractions

With Halloween festivities going on, you will probably be getting more calls and texts. However, your full attention should be on the road and your hands on the wheel in case you need to brake or turn suddenly. Turn off your ringer while you’re behind the wheel to eliminate the temptation of answering a text or call. If you have a face mask on, take it off while driving so it does not get in the way of your ability to see.

Drive Sober

Plenty of Halloween parties involve alcoholic beverages. Unfortunately, some people who consume these beverages on this night also get behind the wheel. Statistics from the National Highway Safety Traffic Administration show that around 44% of fatal crashes on Halloween and the weekend prior to involve a drunk driver. If you’re drinking on Halloween, have a designated driver or call an Uber or Lyft.

Pedestrian Safety Tips

Increase Your Visibility

Pedestrians are the most vulnerable on Halloween night, as they have no protection around them in the event of a car collision. During the night, a driver’s ability to see ahead is hindered already, not to mention if a group of trick-or-treaters is wearing all black. You can increase your visibility by carrying glow sticks or wearing them around your neck and putting reflective tape on the side of your clothes.

Stay on the Sidewalk

While drivers should always prepare to stop for pedestrians, this doesn’t always happen, especially if they are distracted or intoxicated. Stay on the sidewalk where drivers expect you to be and only cross the street at designated crosswalks.

Move in Groups

It’s easier to see a group of multiple people than one single person. Moving in groups can ensure that you stay together and also increases your visibility to drivers on the road.


We hope that these safety tips prepare you for Halloween night so that you, your family, and everyone else out on this holiday stays safe!


If you or a loved one is injured in a car accident on Halloween night, contact McNabola & Associates at (312) 888-8700 for help pursuing compensation for your injuries.