Ted McNabola and Jason Fura Discuss the Intersection of Law and Medicine with Rising Physicians

On July 26, 2021, Ted McNabola and Jason Fura visited the resident physicians at Rush University Medical Center. The pair gave a lecture about the intersection of law and medicine, focusing on what physicians need to know about dealing with the legal system and protecting their rights.

Attorneys McNabola and Fura hail from McNabola & Associates, LLC, a local personal injury firm that has handled more than a few medical malpractice cases. By educating new physicians about their rights and responsibilities under the law, our attorneys were able to stress the importance of avoiding preventable mistakes and promote communication between doctors and their patients.

When it comes to medicine and the law, McNabola and Fura are the perfect pair. Ted McNabola has won nearly $75 million in verdicts and settlements with his team at McNabola & Associates, LLC – many of them in medical malpractice – and Jason Fura defended hundreds of medical professionals in malpractice actions before joining our firm.

McNabola & Associates, LLC is dedicated to making our community safer and more efficient in whatever ways we can. We are proud to have shared our knowledge at Rush University and look forward to similar opportunities in the future.

Meanwhile, we continue to represent injured clients in a wide variety of cases.

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