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What Illinois Law Says About Motorcycle Accident Claims

3 Things to Know About Crash Claims in Illinois

The state of Illinois maintains a 50-page guide on motorcycle rules, regulations, and laws that each rider should follow. In this document, there are provisions for clothing, passenger safety, training, and more. These laws help any rider understand their rights and responsibilities if they should be involved in an accident and are looking to file a claim.

Here are three things you should know.

1. Prohibitions on Motorcyclists

Many novice riders or those new to the state may not know that Illinois law prohibits motorcycle riders from passing on the right unless there is eight feet of unobstructed pavement. Along with this, riders cannot pass between two vehicles unless there is a full, unobstructed lane available.

Motorcycle riders may also be charged with reckless/aggravated driving if they attempt to operate the bike on one wheel. If resulting in an injury, these dangerous actions may be the difference between a biker recovering damages for their compensation and not.

2. There is a Statute of Limitations to File

As with any injury case, motorcycle riders are limited to a two-year filing date of their crash claim. This date is marked from either the day of their injury/incident or the day of your loved one's passing, should their injuries be fatal. In either of these instances, working with a motorcycle accident attorney can help you stay on track and file within the necessary timeline.

3. Protective Equipment Required

Even without a law mandating helmets for most motorcycle riders, Illinois still maintains protective eyewear and other safety equipment laws. However, several clothing items are highly recommended by the state to ensure your safety, including:

  • Long-sleeved jacket and pants.
  • Closed-toe boots or shoes with durable, slip-resistant soles.
  • Leather gloves with a strong grip.
  • Clothing that keeps the rider dry and resists wind.

Wearing these items gives a rider the best chance of being protected during an accident—not doing so could be used against you by the other driver's defense team.

Chicago Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

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