RightBio Metrics Sees Further Success for RightSpotpH® Indicator

Approximately 15 years ago, Mr. McNabola had a client who he represented that died from a misplaced NG tube. In the wake of the above tragedy, Mr. McNabola and his friend Dr. Paul Gilbert started RightBio Metrics Corporation with a goal of preventing unnecessary deaths from misplaced NG and feeding tubes. Attorney Ted McNabola was the initial investor and serves on the board of RightBio Metrics Inc. The company is dedicated to improving patient safety by avoiding improper tube placement. The RightSpotpH® Indicator, which helps doctors determine gastric acidity and ensure proper tube placement, is one of the company’s chief accomplishments and has recently garnered international recognition for its patient safety benefits.

On April 16, 2018, the RightSpotpH® Indicator was contracted by Vizient, Inc., which is one of the largest healthcare improvement groups in the nation. Vizient’s member council came to a consensus that the RightSpotpH® Indicator provides a unique and substantial advantage for patients and is so far more effectively than other products on the market.

Check out the McNabola & Associates blog for more information on how the RightSpot® increases patient safety.

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Nearly 13 million tubes are placed during medical procedures each year, and between 21% and 56% of those are misplaced, resulting in major damages and needless patient deaths.

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