Attorneys McNabola & Nofsinger Coauthor Liens Article Published in IICLE

Both Attorney Ted McNabola and Attorney Terrance Nofsinger of McNabola & Associates are known throughout Illinois and beyond as leading legal minds in the field of personal injury law. Each have had their works on the subject published in important and far-reaching legal publications. Mr. McNabola even has a background as a former Adjunct Professor at Northwestern University School of Law and Loyola University, where he taught trial advocacy for more than a decade.

McNabola and Nofsinger recently put their talents and experience together to coauthor a book chapter – titled “Liens” – that was added to the Illinois Institute for Continued Legal Education (IICLE) Medical Malpractice textbook. This is a significant honor for both attorneys, as the IICLE legal textbook acts as a well respected text and reference for up-and-coming lawyers and veteran attorneys alike.

The subject of liens in civil lawsuits is particularly intricate and nuanced. Just as liens are placed upon homes to prevent the owners from selling it until their mortgage is repaired, personal injury cases have liens filed against them to ensure payment of medical bills. Obligations to insurance companies who paid medical bills and obligations to healthcare providers who provided medical care are the most common reasons why liens are used in personal injury cases.

Liens are incredibly important in personal injury law, and are filed in many cases. It is crucial for a personal injury attorney to understand how to properly negotiate such liens down as low as possible for their clients. For each dollar the lien is reduced in a personal injury case, the client will receive an additional dollar. With the help of McNabola and Nofsinger’s publication, more Illinois attorneys than ever will be prepared to negotiate liens effectively for their clients.

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